Workshops & Meetings

2020 Strange metals workshop: Space and order 6-10 January, 2020

The NWO funded strange metal program is organizing a workshop at the Lorentz center@Snellius from January 6, 2020 to January 10, 2020. The program revolves around the spatial symmetries and the understanding of emergent spatial structures in both experimental observations and holographic treatment. Read more on the workshop webpage.

Hydrodynamics on all lengthscales

The purpose of the workshop, organised at the Lorentz center, is to bring together theoretical and experimental physicists from high-energy, hard and soft condensed matter physics who work on different aspects of hydrodynamics. We aim at creating an interesting dialogue between these different communities and to identify tools and methods that can be adapted from one community to the other for solving problems in fluid dynamics. The topics will include turbulence, flows on curved spaces, active matter, fluid effective actions, defects and interfaces, effective field theories for hydrodynamics, symmetry-organising principles as well as experimental techniques and challenges.

2019 Strange metals workshop: Bringing Holography to the Lab: Explaining Strange Metals with Virtual Black Holes

Many challenges in contemporary Condensed Matter physics, including high temperature superconductivity, are related to the systems where the approaches based on the Fermi-liquid quasiparticles fail.
A conceptually new set of tools has unexpectedly arisen from String Theory. The AdS/CFT correspondence appears to address this kind of systems by mapping them to virtual black holes. Importantly, the results of black hole calculations show remarkable agreement with experiments. This workshop organised at the Lorentz Center will bring together the leading international Condensed Matter experimentalists and theorists, experts in Black Hole physics and AdS/CFT in order to boost this development and crystalize an experimental program to verify whether string theoretic methods really explain non-quasiparticle condensed matter systems.

Strange metals kick-off workshop 3-5 January, 2018

The NWO Strange metals consortium opens the new year with a fantastic school and workshop organized at Radboud University, Nijmegen. We will welcome eight internationally renowned speakers, presenting the latest developments on the theoretical and experimental forefront of AdS/CM.

The workshop can also accommodate a limited number of interested scientists from outside the consortium. Registration through our website is required to be able to participate.

On Wednesday, January 3 we will organize introductory lectures for early career researchers to introduce topics covered during the workshop.

Wednesday January 3, 2018

09:00    Welcome and coffee
09:15    Nigel Hussey – Central mysteries of the cuprates including (magneto)transport
10:30    Coffee
10:45    Jan Zaanen – Where did it all go wrong? The failure of condensed matter theory to describe cuprates
12:00    Erik van Heumen- Optical spectroscopy
12:45    Lunch (in the Faculty canteen)
13:30    Lewis Bawden – Angle Resolved Photo-Emission Spectroscopy
14:15    Milan Allen – Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
15:00    Coffee
15:15    Henk Stoof – Dictionary of AdS/CFT
16:00    Blaise Goutéraux – Non-quasiparticle approaches to transport
17:00    Close

Thursday January 4, 2018
09:00    Welcome and coffee
09:30    Koenraad Schalm (UL)
10:15    Coffee
10:30    Tony Carrington (University of Bristol) – Superconductivity and Competing Orders in High Tc Cuprates
11:30    Blaise Goutéraux (Nordita) – Density waves, strange metals and black holes
12:30    Lunch
13:30    Dirk van der Marel (University of Geneva) – Collective modes and electrodynamics of viscous electron liquids
14:30    Jörg Schmalian (Karlsruhe Institut of Technology) – Strong coupling approach to critical quasiparticles
15:30    Coffee
16:00    Peter Abbamonte (University of Illinois) – Singular density fluctuations across the phase diagram of the strange metal, Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x, observed with M-EELS
17:00    Close

Friday January 5

08:45    Door open and coffee
09:00    Aristos Donos (Durham University) – Transport at strong coupling from black holes
10:00    Juergen Haase (University of Leipzig) – Failure of the single-fluid scenario and emergence of a new NMR shifts phenomenology in cuprate superconductors
11:00    Coffee
11:30    Johanna Erdmenger (University Würzburg) – Quantum quenches and Fano resonances in holographic strange metals with magnetic impurities.
12:30    Close and Lunch

The workshop will take place in the HFML seminar room (02.20) located on the second floor of the HFML building. The address is Toernooiveld 7, Nijmegen.